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Interview With Author James Dorr

Author JAmes Dorr

Tell us about what you have written. — I’m a short story writer and poet, working primarily in dark fantasy and horror with occasional excursions into science fiction and mystery, with work in magazines and anthologies from Aboriginal Science Fiction and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine to Xenophilia and The Yellow Bat Review.  I also have […]

Interview With Author Laura J. Underwood

Tell us about what you have written. Do you really have THAT much space?  I started writing when I was in my teens, and sold my first article to Fate Magazine at 18.  From there, I wrote articles on horses and horse training, and then wrote book reviews and articles for the local paper.  Of […]

Interview With Author James Burk

Tell us about what you have written. Both fantasy and science fiction and just plain strange.  HIGH RAGE, my first novel was a fantasy with a sort of anti-hero.  HOME IS THE HUNTER was science fiction about a truly faceless assassin.  THE TWELVE is another fantasy about a city-state governed by archetypes. What inspired you […]

Fallen Kings Cycle author Gail Z. Martin Debuts New Web Sites

Charlotte:  Bestselling fantasy author Gail Z. Martin, author of The Sworn: Book One in The Fallen Kings Cycle, just unveiled a new web site with new bonus items and goodies for readers at Martin is also the author of the popular Chronicles of the Necromancer series.  She writes for both Orbit Books and Solaris […]

Interview With Author Dave Creek From Yard Dog Press

Yard Dog Press author Dave Creek

Tell us about what you have written. I’ve been selling regularly to ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION for about the past decade, mostly stories that take place against a common background. What inspired you to write those things? I’ve always enjoyed SF series, from the original Star Trek to Asimov’s Foundation stories, to Poul Anderson’s Polesotechnic series.  […]

Interview With Author John Lance of Yard Dog Press

Front cover of Priscilla Holmes, Ace Detective by John Lance

Tell us about what you have written. I’ve written children’s fiction and as well as short stories for adults, which are typically off beat and humorous. My books include a picture book, Priscilla Holmes: Ace Detective from 4RV Publishing, my middle reader book Charlotte Cauldron and the Prince of Nevermore from Sams Dot publishing, and […]

An Interview With Jerry J. Davis –

Author Jerry J. Davis

Tell us about what you have written. – I’ve had several short stories published in various magazines, including Aboriginal SF and Apex SF and Horror, and one story that appeared in the anthologies “Houston, We’ve Got Bubbas” and “The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse.” I’ve also had a novel published by Time-Warner called […]

Interview With Author/Publisher A.P. Fuchs

Axiom Man Front Cover

Tell us about what you have written. I’ve written so much it’s almost hard to find a starting place. I mean, I’ve got, like, 20-plus books under my belt, whether that’s novels, novellas, collaborations, anthologies. Hmmm . . . how about the most recent? My latest release is called Possession of the Dead, and it’s […]

Interview with E.M. MacCallum

Front cover of zombie killer bill by E.M. MacCallum

Tell us about what you have written. It is a western/horror novella titled, “Zombie-Killer Bill.” It’s about a gunslinger who is commissioned to kill the Illegal zombies in the wild west. In this particular novella he’s up against a clever mad-scientist who plots to change the zombie disease as they know it, though at the […]

Elizabeth Barrette Releases New Poetry Books

Front cover of From Nature's Patient Hands by Elizabeth Barrette

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of not one, but two stunning books of poetry by Elizabeth Barrette. Elizabeth has been a poet for many years, has been involved both with writing and editing poetry, and has a wide range of experiences that she brings to life for the rest of […]

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