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Scarborough Fair has come and gone. But here were some of the highlights:

As always Sholo the Nubian greeted the merry fair comers in his stoic way near the entrance. Once we arrived, properly dressed in our pirate get up of course,  his belt was already sporting several dollar bills from young ladies eager for a photo with the Fair fixture.

Twiggy, the adorable fairy, fluttered and played with children and adults alike; her wings glittering in the abnormally cool summer sun.

Free roasted pecans and almonds abounded and all the garb was top tier.

For anyone looking to get their medieval drink on, Scarby opened on liqueur venue this year. However it was not partaken of since the hunt for Mead took presidency. Nothing like sipping mead in garb at the Fair!

The King’s and Queen’s presence was better felt this year as they and a royal entourage Vincent Chase would envy toured the events of the day. Or maybe it was simple because he was stocking our pretty group…

The whip demonstration was a real treat. Lively acts and funny banter coupled with the rhythmic snap of whips. The show was ended with lighting a whip on fire. The first snap created a fire ball that had the kids squealing with delight.

The Tinker Gnome is always a great attraction for the young and old alike. His jokes span the age group, keeping just right of inappropriate. It always seems to successfully go over the kidos heads why mom and dad are laughing.  His Gnome contraption, with its smoky bubbles and whirling representations of the solar system is really something to behold. His shop and helper elves was a fun experience and the newly developed fairy area was quite charming.

The annual Mead Hunt was had, “Me Lord” was over used, a Dragon Wrist Companion was bought and leather armor was tried on. Coupled with playing mancala with a Pirate, a lady and a Duchess, Scarborough was marvelous medieval merriment.

Until next year ladies, gents, fairies and trolls.

Victorians and Prarie Girls and Cowboys oh my! Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:56:25 +0000 The good folks over at the Dallas Fort Worth Costumer’s Guild came out to strut their stuff at the annual Fort Worth Stock Yard Days. The costumes were amazing and with a sprinkling of traditional prairie ladies, a smattering of first class Victorian,  and even a few Cowboy and Sheriff types thrown in for flavor.  Everyone looked very authentic and soon a crowd gathered for pictures. There were a few little ones in costume as well that simple stole the show.
Meeting at the ticket window for the Tarantella, they boarded the historic train for a quick jog around the Trinity River and good conversation pertaining to all things costume design. Many spent the time comparing notes on how they created their western wear and if they were entering in the historically accurate costume contest later that day. There was some intermittent and rather  droning commentary from the train’s assistant conductor about the local scenery. You could just hear the intonation of “Oh just look out the bloody window” in her voice. But not to have the day dampened everyone took it in good fun and made a game out of how scenic the backyard of a junk collector could actually be.
But spirits remained high as the train pulled back into the station and everyone went their separate ways to enjoy all the festivities the Stock Yard had to offer that day.
I pulled elite costumer Megan Martin aside for a few photos and asked her why she joined the Guild.
“I joined the Costumer’s Guild because I really wanted to get to know some other people that were into historical costuming,” she said with excitement in her voice. “The Guild  has such great events, and it’s always fun to get together with like-minded people to trade sewing tips and experiences. And where else would you have the opportunity to wear a Victorian gown and ride an antique train, or get gussied up in a 50s summer dress and meet in a vintage ice cream parlor?”

Where indeed? Besides a convention and those are so few and far between in the DFW area. It’s an exciting prospect for anyone into costuming of any kind, as the Guild is certainly open to all levels of expertise and all interest. As one member told me, “As long as you enjoy dressing up and going out to have fun, you are welcome here!”
The next event the Guild hosted was the Ice Cream Social and they will be having an English Country Dance August 27th at the Sons of Hermann Hall.

Sakura Con Fri, 13 May 2011 16:01:52 +0000 In April, the 22nd through the 24th, 19,040 nerds, gamers, cosplayers, and Defenders of the Realm descended on the city for the annual, and very epic, nerd fest known as Sakura Con.

The convention hosted over a 100 panels, from topics ranging from Advanced Cosplay Photography to You Laugh, You Lose- a game based on a popular internet forum. The organization for these were top notch, and if the con goer was organized enough there were no problems meeting each and every must see panel. Outside of wanting to go to panels run at the same time, for which a Time Turner was required. Unfortunately such devises were not being handed out at the Con, a major oversight this year. However, this reporter hopes to have that rectified for next year. Stay tuned for the petition.

Some of the more notable guests in attendanc included:

The Voice Actor Tiffany Grant, noted for her idolic role as Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The much coveted Japanese fashion brand SIXh and brother brand and Visuka Kei artist h.NAOTO. This reporter was fortunate enough to not only score some epic, one of a kind h.NAOTO swag, but to snag a photo with the creative minds behind the brands, h.NAOTO and MINT. A fantastic end to day one at the convention.

6% Doki Doki was also in attendance with their mounds of cute, punky and unique Japanese Street Wear. They also culminated their appearance with a fun and creative fashion show. Its very rare to see Decora brand fashions in the US and it was treat to meet the models from Japan.

It was also very exciting to see Jason Thompson at the Convention; an editor for Viz and Del Rey, who also edited the English editions of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and many others as well as the first several issues of the American edition of Shonen Jump magazine.

Cosplay this year was a little lacking as the rainy weather chased away some of the more top tier cosplayers. However there was a Unit Zero suit from Evangelion and a very impressive winged Sephiroth.

There was also no end to raves, dances, and balls. The Washington State Convention and Trade Center is a huge venue and Sakura utilized every inch. Local as well as out of state DJs set every tone imaginable and kept the party going until well into the AM.

Gaming was also on the list of must do’s. Sakura boasted two huge convention rooms of every popular game known to existence, including DDR, Rock Band and some Japanese drum beat game this reporter had never seen before. There were also rooms for RP, CG and table top games.

Not to ignore issues close to home, Sakura set up a Charity Auction with some of the most choice original artwork. All proceeds from the auction went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non profit organization devoted to fulfilling the fondest wishes of children with life threatening illnesses. Each year Sakura-Con raises enough funds to grant numerous wishes and supports the community they are so much apart of.

In another generous act of charity, the convention joined forces with the Seattle Japan Relief fund and a percentage of sales in the dealers room went to help alleviate the destruction that Japan has suffered due to the devastating earth quakes. There were also donation stations around the convention and an official kiosk so that con goers could donate to the cause directly.

Three days of swag bagging, gaming, fashion shows, cosplay and more was exhausting, exhilarating and over the top. This is defiantly a Convention not to miss.

Only 328 days, 13 hours and 30 mins till the next party starts!